Primeur: de nieuwe Kronen K-50 PLUS
maart 1, 2018

The TOP-seller of KRONEN spin-dryers for vegetables and salads, field-tested and in action hundredfold world-wide. has now been improved an modified:

– The machine is oriented towards the requirements of the centrifuge standard DIN EN 12547 and salad spinner standard DIN EN 13621 (Safety, stability, function).
– Downward compatible and reliable design
– Stable and hygienic rotary basket
– Very easily cleanable centrifuge area
– Centrifuge area without screws
– Holistic water drainage with floor slopes

– The centrifuge area is free of screws.
– Floor slope for water drainage in the centrifuge area
– Ø100mm drain pipe
– Flooding protection of shaft seal and bearing
– The cover lock is completely inside the mechanical housing and not inside the centrifuge area anymore.
– No dirt corners in the centrifuge area due to new design.
– Sealing between bearing seat and housing. No water can access the mechanical housing.
– Corrosion-protected bearing seat

Protective cover:
– The protective cover is held up to a 25° angle. The risk of bruising fingers or hands at the lid has greatly decreased as a result.
– No shearing risk at the protective cover existent.
– New blue and food-grade rubber seal at the protective cover.
– The handle position at the protective cover was placed higher for better ergonomics.
– The water flows into the housing during the cleaning of the inside of the protection cover