GKS Packaging introduces the LEAF

At Fruit Logistica 2020, GKS Packaging is introducing the LEAF: a new packaging machine for making paper bags. LEAF is the first vertical form, fill and seal machine designed purely to achieve the best results in producing paper bags from material that is 100% recyclable and 100% compostable.

The LEAF has been specially developed to guarantee the best results with paper. The CO2 footprint and the environment have also been taken into account. The complete machine is constructed from recyclable materials and plastic waste is also limited because the film roll frame is made entirely from recycled plastic. LEAF works with paper materials that are coated with a minimal seal coating on the seal face. Paper mesh can also be processed which can be inserted in-line and sealed behind a window in the bag. The perfectly sealed and shaped bag, with relatively thick paper, is guaranteed thanks to a specially designed format set in combination with extremely high sealing force.

In addition, LEAF is the first VFFS (vertical form fill sealing) machine with iPad interfaces on both sides of the machine, offering easy access and global availability at a low cost.

Synergy Systems is a certified sales and service partner for GKS Packaging in the Benelux. The collaboration with GKS Packaging, which offers tailor-made, modern packaging machines and packaging lines, is a great addition to Synergy Systems’ current product and service portfolio.