Knook AGF makes efficiency gains with new weighing, cutting and packaging line

At the end of October 2018, the first pile was driven into the ground for the new building of Knook AGF in Wijdewormer, North Holland. A year later, Theo Knook is finishing the new weighing and packaging line in his company. Packaging line Verpakkingslijn

Knook AGF

“The slicers, cutting tables, centrifuges, turntables, etc. are all supplied by Synergy Systems,” says Theo. “We have been working with this company for a long time and that is why we ordered the new equipment from them. The cutting machines were the first to run and now the packaging line is also fully operational. ” “It is because of the increase in scale in our company that we have decided to expand with a new line. It also ensures that we can improve our business efficiency and increase production. We noticed that in the summer. Cutting and packaging went a lot easier.”

Sliced ​​vegetables all over the belt

Fruit salad, stir-fry mix and raw vegetables popular
Although it was relatively quieter in the summer than last year, Theo notices much of this. “In addition to the hustle and bustle in the company due to the new building, we saw our customer base in the hospitality industry grow. We saw our turnover increase by 15 to 17% compared to last year. If the summer was just as hot as in 2018, it would have exploded here. ” On the other hand, Knook AGF could more easily obtain its products in the summer. “That went well. We saw a growth in popularity in regional products this season. Furthermore, the fruit salads, stir-fry mixes and raw vegetable salads remained popular in the catering industry. ” Theo’s customer base will shift from the catering industry to corporate and school canteens in the autumn. “It is busy at our company all year round, but outside of the holidays we have more staff at our disposal,” concludes Theo.