Product Description

Double side Teflon belt (AGT)
Heated from top and bottum up to 260°C.
Superior for browning and searing.
No additional fat needed for cooking. (Product cooks in own fat)
Eliminate embarrassing belt marks on products.
Always a clean belt during production.
“Ideal for continuously cooking boneless products between 2 heated belts.
The hot belts sear the outside of the product while it cooks in its own fat.
An endproduct with a good taste and a nice look is the result.
Need a short time just for a nice color or grillmark? That’s also a great idea!”
The Contact Cook
browns, sears and bakes a large variety of de-boned animal and vegetable food products, such as
meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, potatoes and pasta, e.g. formed products, steaks, burgers, fish filets,
vegetable stripes, marinated products, bacon, pancakes, tofu-burger, Gyros and Kebab.

 Double (Twin) Teflon belt
 Cooking temperature adjustable up to 260°C
 Adjustable belt height
 Including belt wash system during production
 Cooking time adjustable 1 to 10 minutes
 Electric (e) OR Thermal oil (t) heating
 PLC controlled with recipe management
 machine compeletely made of stainless steel and FDA approved material
 electrical cabinet made of stainless steel
 Belt width 600 / 1.000 / 1.200 mm
 Cooking lenght 2.400 – 9.000 mm*