Product Description

The NEW DESIGN! HiTec DCM (Decore Machine) Decores up to 60 heads per minute. The DCM-series ensures a fast, efficient but gently removal of the core of the product in an automated way.

Easy de-core products such as Iceberg salad, butterhead salad, lettuce and leafy vegetables as well as making floret’s from Broccoli, Cauliflower.

The machine is entirely constructed of stainless steel (304) and food grade polymers were applicable.
Switch to different products/recipes is very easily achieved by quick release systems and program selection via the HMI/touch screen. The cutting heads are also equipped with a quick release for easy product switch. The HMI gives clear instructions to the operator to help them with the program changes necessary when switching to other products.

An additional cutting / dividing unit is placed behind the cutting / de-coring head. This allows the product to be divided into 2,4,6,8 pieces depending on which dividing knife is used. This cutting unit is equipped with quick release, allowing different units to be changed quickly and easily when required.

The cutting heads and the lane actuator are driven by a dual servo control system which also ensures a stable stansfer of produce to the cutting heads (accelaration and stopping of the pocket belt is servo controlled).

The DCM series are hygienicly EHEDGE Designed and very easy to clean and easily accessible for maintenance.

Standard including:

• Modular waste-belt integrated in the machine.(left or right outfeed)
• Rittal HDStainless steel control cabinet with HMI touch screen (Controlled via PLC).
• 2 Cutting heads with quick release for easy product change.
• 2 Dividing knifes with quick release for easy product change.
• Automatic height measuring and depth cutting control
• Modem and Remote control
• CIP (Cleaning in Place)

The machine is designed according to the European safety standards. The machine is equipped with interlocked safety.