Dewatering, drying and cooling

Product Description

The K50-7 ECO spin-dryer is perfectly suited to dry all vegetables like leek, pepper (paprika), carrot, cucumber, onion, mushroom, pineapple as well as crunchy lettuce, chicory, Iceberg, lamb’s lettuce, delicate herbs, etc.

Fixed spinning speed (600 or 900 rpm) and spinning times guarantee a constant result for constant products, assuring an optimal price value ratio.


Open construction facilitates cleaning

The open, hygienic construction, completley made of stainless steel, guarantees a fast and thorough cleaning. The powerful but low-noised motor assures marginal wear and high durability.

Reduction of dripping-off time

The dripping-off times of canned products such as e.g. crabs, tunas, pineapples, mushrooms as well as frozen bell pepper or onion pieces are reduced considerably.

FDA approved

All parts that are in contact with food are made of stainless steel or FDA approved plastic, i.e. all of the machine is FDA approved. FDA approval is documented in manual the supplied with machine.