Product Description

The abrasive peeling machine PL 25K peels and washes potatoes, carrots, beetroots and other root vegetables.

The aluminium oxide abrasive removes skins paper-thin.
Aluminium oxide abrasive coat and disc can be replaced through rubber-coated cylinder and disc thus changing the abrasive peeling machine into a root tuber washing machine.

Quick exchange of peeling basket
Quick exchange of peeling basket
Peeling basket and peeling disc can be exchanged in less than 3 minutes. This, in combination with the rounded floor of the peeling machine, allows an easy and safe cleaning.
Washing and peeling in one step
By means of the integrated top-water spraying the products are washed during peeling and the carborundum layer is cleaned.
Gentle peeling, low pressure on product
The large inner diametre allows gentle peeling and low pressure on the product.
Great potential in the automatisation through filling and emptying
The optional use of KRONEN filling & emptying automatics as well as control of peeling and washing time, product outfeed and product infeeed allow a great potential of automatisation.
Conversion to tube root vegetable washing machine
Exchanging the carborundum bakset and the carborundum disc by a rubber-coated cylinder and disc, the peeling machine can be converted in less than 3 minutes into a tube root vegetable washing machine.
Automatic time switch
Automatic time switch, steplessly adjustable from 1-10 minutes, allows setting of peeling time.
FDA approved
FDA approved
All parts that are in contact with food are made of stainless steel or FDA approved plastic, i.e. all of the machine is FDA approved. FDA approval is documented in manual the supplied with machine.