Product Description

Reliable and safe surface disinfection of packaging materials

The UV-C-Lock has been developed for surface disinfection of packaging, boxes, stainless steel and plastic containers, buckets, as well as sausage and ham skins, vegetables*, fruit*, salads*, semi-manufacted products*, etc. in close cooperation with the Swiss company sterilAir® (CH-Weinfelden). *Use with food depends on the legislation in the country of the user.

The UV-C-Lock is equipped with the latest UV-C technology (hybrid tubes of sterilAir®) and thus combines the high demand for sturdiness, flexibility and easy maintenance.
An adequate microbiological sterility of packaging materials and storage containers is one of the most important prerequisites for the durability and hygiene of foodstuffs especially in the salad, vegetable and fruit processing industry.

The UV-C treatment with sterilAir® components disinfects safely and reliably: without heat, undesirable additives, residues and within a very short time.

Benefits are obvious:

  • Drying of containers (such as after spray disinfection) is no longer necessary.
  • The UV-C-Lock is best suited for application in between two separate rooms, e.g. low and high care areas.
  • The fully enclosed UV-C-Lock housing with cover is made of stainless steel and guarantees the safe use of UV-C radiation.