Blood berries (Bloedbessen)

Blood berries (Bloedbessen)

What the customer asked for:

“We are looking for a production line to optimize the sorting and packing of redcurrants. More specific: We would like to have a production line on which we can not only weigh and pack the berries, but also sort the different qualities into different packages at the same time. In addition, we want the system to instantly record all data, including the weight of the residual flows.”


We designed a composite production line with:

  • A four-deck stainless steel transport system
  • 32 software-controlled stainless steel weighing stations
  • Track-dividing section leading to a four-track labelling machine
  • Two accumulating picking tables


“It is very unique that from now on we can process products with different specifications at the same time.”

Focus areas:

  • Efficiency: the labor productivity increases because duplicate operations belong to the past
  • Data registrationleads to process improvement and quality increase
  • Innovative: intersecting tracks ensure that labelling requirements are met
  • Ergonomic: the machine is built around the employee

What the customer says: “It was quite hard to find a partner who could realize our wishes. Most machine builders considered it to be too complex. But then we came into contact with Synergy Systems! Their team is creative and driven and worked pro-actively with us from the beginning. This approach – combined with their enormous know-how (of the machine, the product and the process) – resulted in this unique solution. To us, that is what makes the difference between sales people and experts of such machines. We are not only very pleased with the result, but we are also very satisfied with the cooperation as such.”

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